Logo for the Marrakesh Road Rally electric go-karts attraction at Swampy Jack's Wongo Adventure in Panama City Beach, Florida

Put the Pedal to the Metal in the Marrakesh Road Rally

Take an excursion down to the deserts of Morocco and strap into your dune buggy in this thrilling adventure. Based on Swampy Jack’s serendipitous opportunity to race in the Marrakesh leg of the Dakar Rally, you will face-off with your fellow racers all along our special track. Collect power-ups along the way and use them wisely to overtake the other karts.

These Karts are Smart

Marrakesh Road Rally is a go-karts style attraction. However, our go-karts are much different than their traditional counterparts. For starters, our karts are electric, not gas-powered. Not only does this provide a less noisy experience, but this means that they get significantly more torque than other go-karts, so when you press on the gas pedal, your vehicle will take off like a rocket.

Best of all, our go-karts offer an added interactive layer to the driving experience. Embedded all along the race track are special power-up panels. When you drive over these panels, you can receive a power-up that will give your kart added special abilities. Maybe it will give you a speed boost. Maybe it will disable your opponents’ carts temporarily. It’s just like driving in a video game!