Swamp Ape

Do You Believe in the Swamp Ape?

Journey down to the Florida Everglades and join Swampy Jack in his mission to investigate its unruly python population. Navigate the marshy terrain to Jack’s base camp, where the sounds of nature are accompanied only by the rocking radio of Jack’s other adventure companions. Climb aboard a skiff and coast along the muddy waterways, but stay on your toes, because there are murmurs of a local legend being spotted nearby: the Swamp Ape.

A Revolutionary Experience

Swamp Ape is an indoor Scrambler attraction. The ride begins spinning, sending each row of riders weaving in and out of the other carriages, and sliding riders to the edge of each of their carriages.

What makes Swamp Ape one-of-a-kind is that the entire ride is synchronized with a multimedia experience. Lighting effects timed with an incredible sound system and other special effects create complete sensory overload. Swamp Ape will have your family ready to hop right back into the queue to experience it all again.

Paying Homage to a Classic

If you’re intimately familiar with the Panama City Beach area, then our Swamp Ape attraction may sound familiar to you. For decades, the Abominable Snowman indoor scrambler attraction at Miracle Strip Amusement Park was a fan favorite and delighted guests of all ages. Riders were ushered under the eponymous beast’s legs and into its igloo home. Lights and sounds culminated into a unique and memorable experience.

Although we feature a much different climate in our attraction, we offer several tributes to the classic. We also feature our legendary monster in prominent display. Standing at 25 feet tall, the Swamp Ape provides an excellent photo opportunity for the whole family, perfect for sharing on Facebook or Instagram.

Inside the attraction, we bring the idea of the Abominable Snowman ride into the 21st century. With synchronized lights, sounds, special effects, and much more, our attraction is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Fans of the Abominable Snowman will love the Swamp Ape.

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