Get caught in the Coil of the Yacuma

Join Jack in his expedition of discovery in the Peruvian rainforest. If you should decide to investigate near the shoes of the Amazon River, keep your wits about you. You never know what may be lurking in the murk. You may just cross paths with Yacuma, a monstrous serpent with piercing eyes and colossal fangs.

Spoo-Fang a Fan Favorite

Those who have lived or visited Panama City Beach for many years may recognize some tributes we are paying with this attraction. Our Yacuma attraction features a few references to the former Dante’s Inferno ride from Miracle Strip Amusement Park, which was a fan favorite that thrilled riders for decades.

Like Dante’s Inferno, our Yacuma attraction features a large, fanged statue, which is a great family photo opportunity to share on social media. Yacuma is also a Wipeout-style ride, which is a similar ride system that was used in the Miracle Strip Amusement Park ride. Fans of Dante’s Inferno are sure to love our Yacuma attraction, and we hope they can relive fond memories of the beloved ride.

Become the Monster

Yacuma is a Wipeout/Trabant-style attraction. Riders sit in rows along the outside of the circular ride, like the numbers along a roulette wheel. After some initial spinning, the entire wheel tilts up on its central arm to a steep angle, which itself starts spinning. This sends riders into a series of wave-like motions, similar to the slithering of our titular serpent.

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