People riding spin coaster at amusement park

Go For a Spin

Swampy Jack puts a lot of effort into theming each attraction to one of his adventures.  However, with the spin coaster, he just took a fond liking to a simple ride action, and more importantly to the laughter he heard when the coaster was in action.

Take a Turn for the Better

The spin coaster is a small figure-eight roller coaster.  There are four linked cars with independent rotational movement.  Each car has back-to-back seating with two seats on each side.  As the coaster goes up, down, and around the track, each car spins based on the weight distribution of the car’s occupants.  The cars spin similar to the old tilt-a-whirl, but on a coaster track.

Get Ready to Laugh

Hang around this attraction if you want to hear some surprised, giddy laughter.

Enjoy a meal at Swampy’s Cantina next door while you listen to laughter bubbling from the spin coaster.