Ever the Archeologist

Ever the Archeologist

The first thing I remember wanting to be once I grew up was an archeologist.  It was really the only thing I ever really considered becoming as a child, besides [...]
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THE story of the SWAMP APE

“The moment of arrival, and that of departing, are two of the greatest epochs of life, so sayeth the ancient book.” The musky scent of decaying vegetation permeated the humid [...]
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A First Impression

It was big, and scary and I stood mesmerized and fascinated, staring up and trying to summon courage.  I didn’t really understand what I was looking at.  It was the [...]
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Where to Begin…

So many stories to tell. And where to start? The beginning? And where exactly is that? I think most beginnings start with a thought, an idea, a daydream, maybe even [...]
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 …the tribe, now a full hundred strong, trooped silently through the lower terrace of the jungle trees and dropped noiselessly upon the floor of the amphitheater. The rights of the [...]
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