Now Open! Swampy Jack’s WONGO Adventure is a hybrid amusement park-family entertainment center located in Panama City Beach, Florida. Our small, but heavily themed park highlights Swampy Jack’s world travels.

Swampy Jack offers the newest and most unique go-kart experience anywhere. Think Mario Kart video game meets electric go-karts on the interactive outdoor go-kart track of our Marrakesh Road Rally. The Blue Hole is about as funky and surreal a bumper car experience as you will find. The Swamp Ape is our signature attraction, from the 25’ tall photo-bombing Swamp Ape outside, to the scramble of lights, music and fog inside, this ride will have you wondering what just happened, and wanting more of the same. The grande serpent Yacuma coils herself around the wipeout ride. And the iconic wannabe Kraken will send you swirling upwards.

Four additional construction phases will have the site built out over a total of seven years.